about Jemma enright

Jemma has spent most of her adult life thinking about people; what inspires them, motivates their choices and stands in the way of them living their best lives.

This curiosity led her into a media and marketing career where she has worked with a host of well-known brands on communication and advertising strategies. Jemma understands the power of differentiated brand and product propositions to drive business growth. 

In 2012 Jemma took her curiosity about people and problem solving into a tech startup. She co-founded and led as CEO MoneyBrilliant, a personal finance company. It grew to be a credible challenger in the financial space with an innovative technology platform, empowering people to take control of their financial lives. MoneyBrilliant was wholly acquired in February 2016 by AMP.

During this unique experience of taking a startup from idea to exit, and in her 20+ years in the advertising world, she has gained valuable wisdom. Her goal now is to work with innovative companies to help them grow and succeed. Her method is based on a laser focus on the customer and a clearly defined pathway to the next most critical milestone.

Please get in touch via LinkedIn or drop me an email to jemma@nextmilestone.com.au